Weekend trip to athens by coach

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Weekend trip to athens by coach
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Hi there people.

My partner and I booked our trip to Athens through Smile Tours on the Main Strip in Laganas. Our tour guide was Costas, who worked for T.E.Z.

He was great, very well informed and had an answer for every question he was asked.

Very well worth the 79 Euros each that we paid (£52 each).

The hotel was ok I guess but the room was more like a broom cupboard.

Just a word of warning though, we set out at about 7am, and we hadn't eaten, we didn't get to eat til about 10am at our first stop point. So I'd suggest taking some snacks along with you, because when we got up at 6am, nowhere was open for us to get breakfast so we had to wait a long while before getting a bite.

When we got to our hotel at about 4.30pm. We had about an hour and 45 minutes to ourselves in which to get ready to meet up for a tour round the sights in the City Centre. After doing that we had about an hour and a half to ourselves to shop/walk around (the cafe-bar/restaurant we went into charged us 6 Euros for 2 Pepsi's £4.20 approx).

Then we all met up to go to a traditional Taverna for our meal and entertainment (which was 26 Euros each for 3 courses). The meal was nice, but there was not enough of it. By the way, their prices are quite high, so we stuck to drinking the bottled water which was complimentary.

We got back to the hotel at about 1am and finally into bed at about 2am.

But we had to be up again for breakfast at 6.30am This resulted in us sleeping three quarters of the return journey. The breakfast was poor, the choice we had was, cold fried eggs, watered down fruit juices, miniature croissants, tea, coffee and cereal. The milk they give (in my opinion) is way too creamy so I ended up drinking juice.

PLEASE don't let me put you off, it still was worth all of the above.