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On our 2nd night in Laganas we tried this place. Now then, as I was in Greece, I wanted to try something different. I had fried squid for my starter, grilled swordfish fillet for my main course and for my dessert, I had cheesecake, which was absolutley scrumptious. We both had 3 courses and two drinks. The total price of this in English money (after I had checked my bank statement) was £19.

Now I'm pretty sure that you'd have to search high and low to find somewhere here in England where you could pay that kind of price and expect to get the same quality of food and service as we got at Dionysos.

Next June my partner and I are getting married on Zakynthos Island and we will have 14+ guests. So we are going to take time out to go here to eat as a group.

Roll on Summer 2005!!!!